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Building data-driven products with Totemx Labs

  • In last 4+ years, TotemX labs have engineered and deployed cutting-edge tech in NLP, Computer vision and Data Science.

  • We were fortunate to work with many cross-functional startup teams as they contributed with their diverse knowledge-backgrounds and were backed by inspiring leaderships.

  • We have been learning the challenges and roadblocks that we conquered, from conceptualizing till productionizing AI.

  • We work not to deliver a project, but to solve a problem. Our focus is on building systems and services that are directly integrated in the client's workflow, with core goal of delivering the business value-based decision making tech.

  • The key to success is our solid knowhow of the A-to-Z of AI product development cycle. We start strong with data engineering and deliver ever-evolving solutions with MLOps.

A. Know your data

Architecting data pipelines involve data acquisition, data source selection, data analysis and occasionally data synthesis, depending on the business usecase, privacy concerns and the domain.

Our experienced data engineers collaboratively work with your teams to attain best quality inputs. It is the fundamental 80% required for a 99.9999% successful ML pipe and an eventually scalable AI-driven tech business.

Z. Clear progress -> continuous improvement

Post the data pipes are in place and the careful selection of candidate ML models, a clear visibility and explainability of ML models performance is what we ensure.

We specialize in creating automated ML workflows with active learning i.e., continuous model life cycle monitoring and improvement in model performance metrics with new data streaming.

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Exciting startups that solve real-world problems with sheer will, commitment and cutting-edge AI with us.


Business goals achieved with clear strategic roadmaps and efficient execution.

Data Engineering, analysis and visualizations

Want to transform your business through Data science? Data engineering is the cornerstone of any data science project. We can help you design, build and scale multi-modal data (numbers-text-multimedia) pipelines as well as generate insightful business analytics.

Machine learning

Not every problem needs to be solved with neural networks. We employ and customise Machine Learning algorithms with keeping domain knowledge and business goals in mind. Essential is reproducability and minimizing hidden costs.

ML Lifecycle Management

Productionizing machine learning models is difficult. We can assist you with streamlining all the components of MLOPs cycle to ensure successful deployment and monitoring of your Machine Learning solution.

Timeseries analysis

World is changing at rapid pace and millions of sequential data points are being recorded. We specialise in making developing such time series data analytics and forecasting solutions.

Natural language processing

NLP is remoulding the ways of communication between humans as well as machines. We are here to enable your organisation be part of this next revolution of communication.

Automated manufacturing Q/C operations with computer vision.

Healthcare, manufacturing, automobile, surveillance, photography are few of the industries from the wide spectrum of CV applications. We employ and deploy SOTA vision solutions be it on web, mobile or edge-devices like on-premise cameras.

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100% Job success score. More than 60% of our clients have worked with us for more than 1.5 years on an average.

"Kunjan is an absolute gem! I'm planning to hire her on my next project. She's delivered a state-of-the-art result, found a better dataset than we had selected and even helped us out of a few tough situations during the project through some above and beyond effort!"

Bob Moree

CEO & Founder - Propeller Apps

Shubhendu is well versed in Machine Learning and Mathematical models and techniques. He provided excellent insight on the data shared while regularly communicating any queries related to biological/environmental aspects of the data. This ensured consistent improvement of the Model. Additionally, he provided excellent presentation of the data to relevant decision makers which enabled a simplified understanding of the complex model. I would highly recommend Shubhendu for a position where Data is at the core of the project, as it is something he is passionate about.

Rahul Shenoy

Project Manager - LGSonic

Kunjan has been working on our app with me since day 1. She has a strong background in NLP, Python, C++ and dataset development among others. She is also behind almost all good initiatives we have taken so far in this project. She is a leader by nature and have a good head on her shoulders. We would continue working with her for more projects.

Abdel Fahmy, MD

Co-Founder - Neureveal Inc

Great developer and a very nice person to work with. Job has been done with competence and giving advice on solutions to implement.

Andrea Gallo

Business Owner presso - FASI.eu

"Working with them will have a very good communication flow and their work is very thorough and easy to convert into production level. I definitely will like to assign more project to them."

Ning Yeong


"Very talented, versatile python coder. she's able to make the difference even as a consultant. She showed me new perspectives about the NLP developments for SEO activities. I'll hire her again in the future and highly recommend her for your python and data science projects."

Massimiliano Geraci

Head of RD, Semantic SEO Specialist presso - Studio Makoto

Very helpful to plan & develop milestones of the project. Every planned detail has been satisfied and she provided helpful suggestions to improve the quality of the job too. We had a very good communication towards the whole project, and every milestone has been closed within the planned times. Absolutely recommanded.

Andrea Lai


Great work! Very meticulous in the approach, extremely personable and conscientious. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for help with machine learning!

Stephen Larson

Chief Executive Officer - MetaCell


Our approach and execution is based on working with real-world problems at scale. We have been trusted by startups that are pioneers and first movers. Businesses that are customer-centric and want to deliver value through.

  • All
  • Environment
  • Social good
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Agriculture
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing

Machine Learning Methods for Managing Parkinson’s Disease

Using AI for early detection and precision manangament of the untreatable neurological disorder

Collaborative problem solving journey with one of the largest environment tech startups

end-to-end Data science and ML deployment with ensured customer success.

Prototype: For a manufacturing automation startup based in Mexico.

With irregular lighting, misaligned images and small custom datasets. Delivered ready to deploy ML models for accurate and fast product classification, component localization, defect detection, object counting, OCR with computer vision and deep learning.

COVID-19 Care assistant - A goodwill project

A COVID care assistant we created in June-2020, in the early days of the pandemic with data mining and knowledge graphs to create an intelligent and engaging digital assistant.

Spot on Plant disease classification for an african Agriculture startup on edge devices

An early warning system at scale, helping the farmers maximize the harvest yield and minimize the treatment costs.

AI Troll buster, social media moderation services, implemented for multiple startups with different usecases.

Automated moderation for abusive, offensive, racist, sexist or hatred inciting posts.

Predicting stock price movements in the near future with strong confidence intervals, for an Italian Fintech firm.

Implementing cuting edge Neural-net based research papers to achieve actionable results.

Data engineering, for a Gender equality social startup.

Write bridging microservices between Elastic search and customer dashboards. For data pre-processing, dynamic query building and produce analytics.

Emotion detection: US advertising startup.

Detecting user's engagement levels and sentiment levels live as they consume the content or interact in shared focus group sessions.

Deeper time-series analytics with industry leading flood alert startup in the US

Large datasets ranging to 500,000+ hours were compared and analysed in-depth to improve the Machine Learning algorithms to predict high water tides and flood probabilities alerts.

Product devlopment: Collaboration with a bootstrapped startup to build a product focused on inclusive work culture and neurodiversity

Used NLP and DS to build knowledge graphs and behavioural analytics pipes to view the undertones and raise flags for implicit toxicities brewing in the workforce.

POC for an NY based fitness startup.

Ready to ship APIs and on-device SOTA fast and accurate human pose estimation models for movement tracking and posture correction. Working in tight integration with the trainers and dev team for streamlined execution.


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  • Map your goals into usecases, outline the first steps, define and discuss the techniques that we would employ. No jargons, we start with simple tangible results for all stakeholders.
  • Any questions you have specific to your data, infrastructure, or use case.